Kado Documentation

Integrate Kado's (1) fiat-to-crypto, (2) crypto-to-fiat, and (3) crypto-to-crypto solutions in minutes.

What is Kado?

Kado is a web3 payments infrastructure provider. We empower customers, businesses, and builders to access the world of crypto easily, cheaply, and quickly. The Japanese translation for "Kado" means "Gateway", so... Kado is the gateway between web2 <> web3.

For Non-Crypto / Web2 Companies

Whether you're looking to accept crypto as payments, pay out in crypto, looking to start a tokenized NFT loyalty program, or anything in between, Kado erases the lines between crypto and fiat so you can benefit from revolutionary new payment rails without worrying about the backend.

For Web3 Builders

Whether you're an NFT or DeFi project, wallet, or anything in between, Kado works to accelerate your capital acquisition growth by directly funneling user capital into and out of your project to maximize crypto utility for your users.

What solutions does Kado provide?

Kado has three core products aimed at capturing and funneling both fiat and cross-chain crypto into where users want it, all in a couple of steps.

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