⚒️The Hybrid API

Integrate the Kado Hybrid API in days, not weeks. Complete control of the front and back of a transaction. Let Kado handle KYC/AML, Payments, and Digital Assets, and let you own the UX.

Integrate Kado Hybrid API


Kado enables integrators to build a (1) custom asset quote and a (2) post-order confirmation screen that enables Kado to perform only the necessary functions for authentication/onboarding, add/edit a payment method, and provide users with an order summary screen.

With this flow, integrators are able to redirect between their application and the necessary parts of Kado's application, to better control the user experience for their customers.

Build a custom quote and order processing user experience to enable users experience a native application. This integration requires a bit more custom work vs. the Kado Widget.

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