Pay via Kado Widget

Redirect to Kado, and Back to You

Load the Kado Widget in Minimal Mode. The additional parameter &mode=minimal by-passes the "Buy" or "Sell" screens for the Kado Widget.

If you have an email for a user, you may pass it in directly. Note: email is the only optional parameter, and all others below are required.

From your custom frontend, use the reference URL Template below to build your own redirect to Kado, based on the property values found on the Customizing Your Widget page.

Upon the user submitting their order, a window.postMessage response from the Web iFrame or New Tab, Mobile Application Webview can receive the orderId for the transaction.

Once you receive the orderId and begin querying the Get Order endpoint, you can then:

1) Close the Kado Widget Window or Webview (e.g window.close())

2) Redirect back to your experience

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