✏️Integrate Stellar SEP-24 Anchor

Need a fiat ramp for your Stellar wallet? Integrate the Kado SEP-24 Anchor to provide a ramp integration using the Stellar Ecosystem Proposal (SEP) standard.


Kado is a SEP-24 Anchor, which means that any wallet that adheres to Stellar's SEP wallet standards can integrate Kado's interactive fiat deposits/withdraws in just a few simple steps. SEP-24 enables streamlined communication between your wallet and Kado throughout the on and off-ramp process, so your wallet application can obtain transaction info and status along the way.

Getting Started

Kado provides access to a production Anchor for mainnet transactions, as well as a test Anchor for testnet transactions. Email partners@kado.money to kick off your SEP-24 integration and gain access to these Anchors.


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