✏️Mobile ACH Linking

For mobile integrations, a new parameter, isMobileWebview, has been introduced to indicate whether the content is being viewed within a mobile WebView. Upon passing this and ACH linking, Kado will send a postMessage event.

The parsed message will contain a type field with the value PLAID_NEW_ACH_LINK, the ACH link is extracted from the payload field of the post message. This enhancement provides a smoother experience for linking Plaid ACH accounts of institutions that have certain mobile security restrictions, particularly OAuth.

Partners are required to open the link provided in the browser (as shown in the attached example), which will subsequently return them to the application upon success. Note: Universal link needs to be shared with Kado team for this to work, please contact our dev support team.

Here is a React Native example to help integrate this flow. Feel free to reach out to the Kado team for more help.

  onMessage={(event) => {
    const eventData = event?.nativeEvent?.data;
    try {
      const message = JSON.parse(eventData);
      if (message && message?.type === 'PLAID_NEW_ACH_LINK') {
        const achLink = message?.payload?.link;
    } catch (error) {
      // Handle parsing errors gracefully
      console.error('Error parsing message:', error);
  source={{ uri: 'https://app.kado.money/?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY&isMobileWebview=true'}}
  onError={(e) => {
    console.warn('error occured', e)

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