Get Order Status

Get Order Status by ID

Continue by polling for the order status using Get Order endpoint. The order status endpoint contains detailed information about the order including buy/receive amount, fees, order type, order status, etc.

Sometimes, payments will fail due to a user's bank or card provider not allowing a purchase. To ensure that the user's payment was accepted, check the paymentStatus field of the response.

This field can be one of:

  1. "pending" - payment is pending confirmation. This will be the initial state, and will update to "success" or "failed":

    1. "failed" - user was not charged because their bank or card provider did not allow the purchase, or they did not pass fraud checks

    2. "success" - payment succeeded and the user was charged successfully

If paymentStatus: "success", use the transferStatus response to track the on-chain transfer status of the assets.

transferStatus can be one of:

  1. "uninitiated" - Crypto has not yet been disbursed. This is the status when payment is processing and crypto is being traded within the user's account

  2. "pending" - Crypto is in transit

  3. "failed" - Something failed during fulfillment

  4. "settled" - Crypto is settled in the user's wallet

  5. "unknown" - Crypto transit status is unknown. Reach out to Kado Support if funds don't arrive within 10 minutes

The humanStatusField is a human-friendly status message that lets either you as the integrator, or a user of your site, know where the order is in the fulfillment process.

Get order status


Path Parameters




The Order ID for the associated transaction

Using order status to initiate off-ramps

For wallet integrators looking for a seamless off-ramping experience, you can choose to initiate off-ramps within your application once a deposit address is created in Kado. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate the off-ramp flow as instructed in the Pay via Kado Widget section with URL param product=SELL.

  2. After a user confirms the order in the widget, Kado will send a window.postMessage event with the orderId.

  3. Get the order status using the orderId from step 2 and the Get Order Status API endpoint.

  4. Initiate a send of the payAmount.amount from the order status response to the depositAddress in that same response.

  5. [Optional] If widget has been closed, re-open widget to{orderId} to show the status of that order.

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