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Integrate the Kado Widget in as little as 30 minutes. Customize and configure options to make it work for you and your customers.

Integrate Kado Widget


This integration allows you to add a customized Kado Widget to your web or mobile application. Kado Widget enables your users to on-ramp, to off-ramp, and to swap on-chain from our growing list of supported assets and networks.

Our widget includes everything that Kado Ramp has today - account creation, authentication, KYC, asset price quotes, payment processing, and transactions.

  • After a user completes KYC, to on-ramp, they can select the network and cryptocurrency asset that they want to buy, connect their web3 wallet directly or enter their wallet address, add a payment method, and confirm their purchase.

  • Once the fiat payment method has been charged, Kado will disburse the purchased assets to the chosen destination.

  • After a user completes KYC, to off-ramp, they can select the cryptocurrency asset that they want to off-ramp, select the network of that asset, determine where they will fund their off-ramp from, and select the fiat destination of their assets.

  • Off-ramp funding sources can be either pulled directly from a connected Web3 wallet, or a user can manually send crypto to a Kado-provided wallet address. Once Kado receives the crypto funds, fiat will be disbursed to their selected destination.

Choose a widget integration method

There are two ways you can integrate our Widget today: (1) iFrame Embed (recommended) and (2) URL Redirect.

Choose your preferred method below to get started.

Customize your integration

Dig in more on the customizations available with the Kado Widget.

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