Integrating the Kado Ramp Widget

How it works

This integration allows you to add a customized Kado Ramp widget on your app or website and lets your users on-ramp to and off-ramp from our growing list of supported assets and networks. All in as little as 3 minutes.
Our widget includes everything that Kado Ramp has today - account creation, authentication, KYC, asset price quotes, payment processing, and transactions.

On Ramp

  • After a user completes KYC, to on-ramp, they can select the cryptocurrency asset that they want to buy, select the network they’d like their asset on, add / select their fiat payment method, and determine the web3 destination of their assets.
  • On-ramp destinations can be either directly to a connected Web3 wallet, or by manually entering a destination wallet address. Once the fiat payment method has been charged, Kado will disburse the purchased assets to the chosen destination.

Off Ramp

  • After a user completes KYC, to off-ramp, they can select the cryptocurrency asset that they want to off-ramp, select the network of that asset, determine where they will fund their off-ramp from, and select the fiat destination of their assets.
  • Off-ramp funding sources can be either pulled directly from a connected Web3 wallet, or a user can manually send crypto to a Kado-provided wallet address. Once Kado receives the crypto funds, fiat will be disbursed to their selected destination.

Choose your integration

There are two ways you can integrate our Widget today - iFrame Embed (recommended) and URL Redirect. Choose your preferred method below to get started.

Customize your experience

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